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Monday, December 21, 2020

12/21 Outfit Check Urban Top and No Rest For Bridget Jeans Winter Outfits in San Diego


Living for these outfit changes. Top from Urban Outfitters. Got it on sale a few weeks ago and jeans are from No Rest For Bridget in San Diego and online. Love a Crop Top with jeans. Paired this with an oversized plaid button up for an extra layer. Yes it’s winter but in San Diego it’s barely under 75, so I live in a crop top most of the year. How did we like it?

Friday, October 23, 2020

The Foundation Duo I Can’t Live Without


So this little foundation duo is my go to since moving from Arizona. I moved back to California in may and since then my skin has been a hot mess. Nothing works the way it should anddddddd my favorite foundation for discontinued 😭. 

This foundation creates a clean canvas. It’s semi matte so it stays in place but is still extremely dewy. The two foundation I have been using are the YSL touch eclat 
And the neutragena foundation. The Neutragena foundation is extremely similar to the ysl which is why I paired them. The neutragana foundation gives this a little more dew since the ysl even though it’s a radiant foundation.... is extremely matte on its own. The liquid silk canvas by tatcha is also a dream with this little duo.  Outfits linked in the previous blog post. 

If you try it out let me know! ❣️💁🏼‍♀️

Thursday, October 22, 2020

This Weeks Looks Fendi, Savage X Fenty, Urban Outfitters, Tilleys, Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette

 Living for a fall look right now. It has been so FREAKING HOT in socal I was beginning to wonder if we would ever get cool weather. It's been somewhat cool this week so here are a few looks, some a little summer, some a little fall. It's been hot. Sorry not Sorry :). 

Onto some fun tings. I think Fenty might be my new Victoria Secret. Victoria Secret has not been an inclusive brand and Rihanna has worked extremely hard to create a line that represents all types of women. Watched the Savage Fashion Show on HBO and It was insane. If you haven't watched it you should. Outfits Linked Below. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Dermalogica New Hydro Masque Exfoliant

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If you keep up on the gram you know I have been getting Dermologica Facials for years now and using their products on the reg. That being said they loved me enough to send me out their new hydrating mask and a box of goodies that I am obsessed with. Below are the benefits of the mask and some photos. I love it. I will definitely be ordering this again. I’ve been using it for weeks now and it’s the perfect pick me up when I don’t have time to see an esthetician/can't because of COVID. 

This item was sent to me for review and all reviews are my own. Find the prodcut here at Sephora for more info. 

Mask Benefits: 

“Hydrating and exfoliating five-minute masque smoothes and renews for luminous, healthy-looking skin. Exfoliating Bamboo primes skin for optimal hydration. Snow Mushroom holds 450 x its weight in water – infusing skin with hydration, antioxidants and Vitamin D. Jojoba Ester and Amino Acids derived from Sugar Beets hydrate and help strengthen skin’s moisture barrier. Cucumber Extract provides a soothing, refreshing finish” (Dermologica)

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

No Heat HairStyles For Summer (Because It's Too Damn Hot For That).

            Find me on instagram @carleybe and my instagram peeps asked for a spotify playlist so I thought i'd add it for ya.  

 Since moving back to California my hair and skin have been on a really interesting journey. Arizona is the dryest place on the planet I freaking swear. After three years there, my body now thinks San Diego is the most humid place on earth, and my hair constantly just feels greesy. I had been considering some different products and EVA NYC sent me their texturizing Shampoo and Conditioner...

First. The ingrediants are amazing:

Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) Oil – hydrates & protects hair with fatty acids

       Sea Lavender Extract – powerful antioxidant that moisturizes and softens

The Brand states: 

"lazy jane air dry shampoo is a unique, texture-enhancing formula that helps add grip to roots for more lift & volume.

it brings out hair’s natural movement & texture, for easy-going, air-dried perfection. no heat-styling necessary!

hair is left texturized, full of body and thickened.

free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, artificial coloring, mineral oil and gluten.  

cruelty free and vegan certified & non GMO."  - EVANYC

And let me just tell you it does all of the above. I have been sent many a hair product and these have been my favorite. Will be repurchasing. Right now they are buy one get one 50% off so I would suggest taking a look  :). Photos below of product. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Summer Skin. The SKII Facial Treatment Essence Dupe

            Find me on instagram @carleybe and my instagram peeps asked for a spotify playlist so I thought i'd add it for ya.  

I have been using this essence from Primera and let me tell you about this bitch. She is making me glow like the goddess I was meant to be and I am living for her. Lets start with some product details, and then we can talk about why I love her. 

Product Details:

Skincare Concerns: Pores, Dryness, and Dullness and Uneven Texture

Formulation: Liquid

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Lotus Seeds: Helps increase hydration and help defend against environmental factors. 

What Else You Need to Know: This essence helps properly prep skin for better absorption of serums and creams and improves the appearance of texture, tone, and radiance.

I use this before a hylaronic acid or vitamin c product at night, and i feel like my skin is just clean and glowing. It's helped with my blackheads and I actually have another post coming shortly about some products I have been using to combat those too. This summer in San Diego has been amazing for my skin. The humidity here is insane compared to the wasteland desert that is Arizona. If you're from there sorry, but seriosuly the summer is hell. 

So last but not least. I have also tried another high end version of this fron SKII and if you're thinking this is a dupe.... you would be v correct. I have tried that one as well and they are extremely similar in results and the price for SKII is a bad B at $99 and Primera is $58.

This was a press sample. Per the usual all reviews are my own. 

Monday, July 20, 2020

Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorial


Just a few of my favorite summer accssories from insta this week and my vlog. Find me on instagram @carleybe

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Summer Outfits Under $100. Even Though With Covid Who The Eff Knows What We're Doing

Find me on IG @carleybe wearing my favorite pieces. 

So covid has me wondring when if at all life will go back to normal. Also my life has gone in a million different directions recently and I have literally no idea anymore lol. My life exploded with covid. My ex just got arrained last week. 

Prosecuters Office called me to ask if he could go back to Texas claiming he was essentially homeless because of his behavior. I was like just to let you know, he already was, he doesn't make great choices. The Prosecuter awkwardly laughed and was like I see that. Nearly had a panic attack after that phone call and then had to get ready for a date. I had a great time so I am so glad I went. But getting there was insane lol. Ok so now onto some new summer pieces.

I could live in a bodycon all summer along with espadrilles. Dolce Vita sells some of my favorite shoes and these espadrilles happen to be under $50. Retail is over a $100. Dress and shoes are linked below. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Summer Outfits and My New Aesthetic

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Summer Fit. I am living in crop tops and short. Living in San Diego again has been so fun,but covid is making it difficult to work and meet new people as you can imagine. I am absolutely obsessed with crop tops and sneakers all summer. Below are some cute fits and items I have been loving.  Links Below :).

These Nikes are brand new and I have been living in them! I started trying a new aesthetic as well and I am loving it so I hope you guys are too :).

Metallic stripe Air Force... I bought these, because I had to have them too!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Summer Beach Wear Under $30

Find me on instagram @carleybe These are becoming some of my favorite summer pieces. Some bodycon dresses, and rattan bags I have been eyeing. Everything is linked below :).

Love kahki all summer and this tie shirt is so cute all summer.
Paired with a pair of white shorts and a tan.. you can't go wrong. I am just hoping covid doesn't ruin beach season. A girl can dream right?

I have this in black and I am wishing I had it in this cream color. So pretty for a beach date. 

The aesthetics and lighting here are gorge and so is her outfit Loving the rouffled sleeves and the slouchy top. 

Here for a bodycon dress all summer long. What are your favorite summer staples? let me know :). 

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Favorite Summer BodySuits

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One of my favorite looks this summer is a bodysuit. I live for a neutral moment too so I am obsessed with nudes at the moment. Paired this $14 Snakeprint   Body Suit with my Abercrombie Shorts and my brown Target Belt. My brother asked if my square purse from Amazon was for samwhiches... It's such a cute wicker bag for the beach or a day out. Sandals are leaopard print and from Walmart. Walmart has Stepped up their fashion game so check them out.  Hoping with covid being over we can finally do somethings, but we will see how the reopening goes.

Amazon-Bodysuit $14

Amazon-Wicker Bag $20

Nordstrom-Shorts $29

 Tillys-Sandals $21 could not find 
   the walmart sandals online :( 

Monday, May 25, 2020

When Your Life Explodes During Covid / Quarantine

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What a title right? I’ve thought about writing this post for months and finally feel like I have a grasp on words. It’s been really hard to process my relationship ending. 

We were together for almost 3 years, we lived together for 2 of those years, and we owned a 1 year old mini Aussie. He was a coach, I worked at the same University as he did. He was one of the first people I met when I moved and I never thought I would find someone that I loved. I didn' think i was really capable of love honestly. I dated a lunatic in college who stalked me from 2013-2018. And in highschool I dated an amazing kid, but we were literally 18 and had so much growing to do. I think I loved the two people in my past, but it wasn't the same. 

I’ve never had a love quite like this. I’ve never been as open and honest, and I’ve never quite loved like this before. Which is why this ending has been so hard on me. Let me start by saying both of us were not ok. During these three years the state of our mental health slowly deteriorated individually and then our relationship fell apart.

I had worked an insane job which led to stress and anxiety and then I quit which led me down a new path of stress and anxiety while i flipped my business.My now ex pushed me to quit and work for myself because he knew I could, and he knew it would make me happier. Well within those couple of months of me quitting my boyfriend decided to not pay rent on time, or pay for much. I took care of us because I thought we were in this together. 

Needless to say after countless meltdowns I was done. He had done this so many times before. Freaking out because of his anxiety and stress and taking it out on me. The whole time I supported him. Pushing him to finish his bachelors, working hard as a coach, and not complainging about 15 hr work days because we both worked extremely hard for what we wanted. I have no idea where he went, but  between november and march it was like I was living with a different person.

The man I knew and loved had disapeared and I was left to deal with everything. Telling me that because I sought treatment for my anxiety that I should be fine and basically I'm crazy. No guess what I'm not. So after going to the hospital because my anxiety was so bad i was having panic attacks and passing out.... I took my dog and moved out. He took off to Texas during the schools spring break in march and blocked me on everything. 

After many fights via text i had no idea if he was coming back to Arizona or not because of Covid. So I went Back to the Apartment around my birthday in April and he ended up throwing me into a wall and threatening to kill me. After that I called the police and he was arrested. I have never EVER been through something so insane. 

So needless to say I am back in California trying to decide where I wanna be and what I wanna do in the middle of a pandemic. I have no idea where the man I loved went, but that wasn't him. I tried to get him to seak treatment for ptsd, depression, and anxiety and he never would. Even when he himself called his mother to tell her he's not ok and then tells me he's not ok... But no I still won't go the doctor cuz he was too good for that apparently. Or maybe he enjoys feeling out of control. But I don't.

On top of all of this my Alma Mater and Former place of employment OUAZ in surprise Arizona know what he’s done and continue to allow him to coach and work with students. So needless to say with everything that’s happened since covid started. I’m no longer going to stay quiet about the bullshit I deal with from people or companies. If you wanna act shitty then enjoy your tea being out in the open. I am me, will always be me, and being open about my life is part of that. 

All I can do is work and create and keep doing me. If you've ever been through something similar feel free to DM Me. I am always here to talk :). 
Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Drugstore Skincare That Works For $24

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So this is by far one of my newest and favorite product right now. Loreal Hylaronic Acid 1.5% . If you are over the age of 25. You need this in your life. I have been using this for 2 months now and it works so freaking well. 

First my skin type. I have dry skin from being in the desert these past 3 years in Arizona sooooo, my skin has so many fine lines. I was considering botox and then I found this. Forehead fine lines are barely noticeable and even my crows feet around my eyes have diminished and I barely apply it there. For $24 this is an AMAZING DEAL AND PRODUCT. Don't walk RUN to get this. 

I also apply yhis on my hands whats like left over from my facial application and my hands also look so much better. I apply this before anything else after washing my face. Whole skincare routine coming next week. If you have tried this let me know. If there is something I should try for you guys let me know that too! Happy Selfcare Sunday. 

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Summer Trends Under $25

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Loving the biker shorts trend This summer is all about over sized tees, crop tops, annddddd biker shorts. Here is a cute outfit for summer. I would Totally pair this with a black or nude blazer to dress it up. Would be so cute for a date night this summer. Some affordable pieces are linked below! :) 

Steve Madden-Biker Shorts Cheetah 2

Target-Biker Shorts 2 Black

Skimms-White Bra 

Urban-White Bra

Target-Graphic Tee

Nordstrom-Moto Boots

Free People- Nude Tee

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Summer Reformation Pieces You Need... And Some Dupes For Your Wallet

Find me on instagram @carleybe  I am living for these reformation pieces... just not always the price.Reformation came out with some great summer pieces and these are some of my favorites. Below I have some great options from reformatino and a great dupe. All Linked below :).

Summer Beach Looks

Find me on instagram @carleybe  I am back in california and loving all the summer looks. The beach is my second home so you can catch me in these styles all summer. Items linked below :). 




Urban- White Top 1

Revolve -White Top 2 as pictured

90s Fashion is Back For Summer 2020 ( Pieces under $25)

Find me on instagram @carleybe  With quarantine about to get a little bit of a lift, I am so ready for summer. I am seeing so many fun pieces so I thought I would share some styles and things I am loving. I am obsessed with an oversized tee and shorts. Wrap tops are back again and giving me all the 90s vibes.... I'm here for it. Items linked below :). 


Forever-Easy Tee

Target Shorts-Light Wash

Target-Wicker Bag

Forever 21-Flats

Forever 21-Wrap Top

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Summer Dresses

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Love a fun summer dress with boots and sunnies. need to grab a few of these from forever they have so many great little dresses. Normally not a fan of boots and dresses but transiontioning from spring to summer I love to where them. 

Forever 21-Dress

Summer Fashion 2020

Find me on instagram @carleybe Living for neutrals at the moment. Totally inspired by Desi and Katys Style from instagram,which is why, i love it so much. The blazer makes it more of a date night classy outfit and the tank and shorts are perfect with the beach bag and hat for a summer night out. Items linked below

Forever 21-Shorts
Forever21-Black Tank Top
Nordtroms-Black Hat
Urban Outfitters-Belt