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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Summer Outfits Under $100. Even Though With Covid Who The Eff Knows What We're Doing

Find me on IG @carleybe wearing my favorite pieces. 

So covid has me wondring when if at all life will go back to normal. Also my life has gone in a million different directions recently and I have literally no idea anymore lol. My life exploded with covid. My ex just got arrained last week. 

Prosecuters Office called me to ask if he could go back to Texas claiming he was essentially homeless because of his behavior. I was like just to let you know, he already was, he doesn't make great choices. The Prosecuter awkwardly laughed and was like I see that. Nearly had a panic attack after that phone call and then had to get ready for a date. I had a great time so I am so glad I went. But getting there was insane lol. Ok so now onto some new summer pieces.

I could live in a bodycon all summer along with espadrilles. Dolce Vita sells some of my favorite shoes and these espadrilles happen to be under $50. Retail is over a $100. Dress and shoes are linked below. 


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