The Drugstore Skincare That Works For $24

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So this is by far one of my newest and favorite product right now. Loreal Hylaronic Acid 1.5% . If you are over the age of 25. You need this in your life. I have been using this for 2 months now and it works so freaking well. 

First my skin type. I have dry skin from being in the desert these past 3 years in Arizona sooooo, my skin has so many fine lines. I was considering botox and then I found this. Forehead fine lines are barely noticeable and even my crows feet around my eyes have diminished and I barely apply it there. For $24 this is an AMAZING DEAL AND PRODUCT. Don't walk RUN to get this. 

I also apply yhis on my hands whats like left over from my facial application and my hands also look so much better. I apply this before anything else after washing my face. Whole skincare routine coming next week. If you have tried this let me know. If there is something I should try for you guys let me know that too! Happy Selfcare Sunday.