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Friday, September 17, 2021

Dinner at Herb & Wood in San Diego

Happy Friday! Per the usual find me on ig @carleybe and Tiktok @carleybe and now what you’re really here for. 

One of my Favorite Restaurants in San Diego is Herb & Wood. If you’re looking for a luxurious meal this is the spot. The food is decadent but light. I am delightfully full when leaving and the left overs are amazing. 

We opted for the lobster and tuna. The lobster comes in an amazing sauce and so does the tuna. I could literally lick the plate it’s that good. Owner Brian Malarkey has put together an amazing menu. If you notice the name you’re probably a fan of Top Chef like myself Or you’ve been to one of his many restaurants here in San Diego. His second child Animae is also amazing… that review is coming. I’ve been twice and it’s heavenly. 

Photo via Urban Wood

For appetizers we had Bone Marrow, Hot Oysters, and Shrimp Toast. I love oysters but I never knew I could love a hot oyster just as much as a cold one. Covered in butter they melt in your mouth and so does the bone marrow. It’s the most decadent thing I’ve ever eaten and it’s all I want to eat. I love sea food growing up in San Diego and this does not disappoint. 

Photo Via Urban Wood 

The dessert is just as amazing and I ate most of it. If you’re looking to celebrate any special occasion, or are just looking for an amazing meal you need to check out Herb & Wood. 

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Fall Fashion Trends 2021

Here are some fall trends I’ve been loving. Follow my ig @carleybe and my Tiktok @carleybe for daily content, travel, and my live in San Diego. Everything is linked below. Hope you love it as much as I do… I need it all for Fall.  

In San Diego it can get a little chill, but I normally run hot
so layers are my friend. Would pair this with a shacket or long coat. Perfect for going to dinner or going our down town. 

I’ve always worn boots, but this fall has changed the game on these IMO drab fashion. These are high fashion at half the cost. Pair with a skirt or dress and a long coat or shacket for the perfect look. 

Corduroy - Forever 21
From Fashion to Home Decor Corduroy is everywhere. Pair this with a cute coat and some tall boots like the red ones above and you have one bomb a$$ Fall Look. 

Paige Desorbo from Summer House has worn these everywhere. Along with other reality stars like Dorit from Real House Wives of Beverly Hills. I’m obsessed and I need a pair. 


                           Color Block Sweaters - Lulus 

Color Block has been everywhere so I’m not surprised to see it this Fall. Pair with a pair of jeans and some cute boots. 

Cut Out Pants -  Zaful 

Pair with a cute crop top and some short boots. Yes they were popular all summer, but I’m not wearing them in 90 degree heat in San Diego. Fall is a much better option for me πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


Sunday, August 15, 2021

Favorite Dog Friendly Restaurants San Diego

San Diego feels like one of the most Dog friendly places I’ve ever lived. Almost every bar and restaurant in Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach allows dogs. 

Some of my favorites are:

Voltaire Beach House : fun bar and good food. Their rice bowls are amazing… some come in a pineapple and yes It’s as cute as you think it isπŸ’πŸΌ‍♀️πŸ‘ŒπŸ». The ahi poke and the shortie aka short rib is bomb.  If your pup is hungry they also offer a dog menu. Easy chicken and rice options that are safe for your pup. 

Ob Noodle House (both locations) everything here is amazing. They serve fried rice, pho and a random mix of in betweens. 

Breakfast Republic- cute spot great food and amazing speciality drinks both alcoholic and non alcoholic. The Mexican mocha is my fave along with the Jurassic Bloody Mary. The names are as fun as the location. From hanging whisk lights to egg chairs this place is a cute little breakfast spot. 

Raglan Public House- New Zealand inspired and the food is as big as your face. Amazing food large portions. Favorites are their chicken sandwiche and chicken pot pie. Clearly I have type.  

Pacific Beach 

Fig Tree - brunch/ lunch Spot. Their food is amazing. Fig and ricotta stuffed French toast. Yes it’s amazing, yes you need to try it… we ordered it for the table and I could have eaten the whole thing myself. Short rib Benedict is amazing along with the crab cakes Benedict. I’m drooling as I write this… the chorizo scramble and their honey lavender latte are a few other faves, and they offer a variety of alcoholic beverages as well. 

Second Nature - I could eat breakfast lunch and dinner here. Wide variety of breakfast food from vegan to gluten free. And their dinner is amazing. From their short rib to their burgers everything is great you won’t be disappointed and neither will your pup. 

Bareback: is another options. It’s the sister to raglands and is right by the beach. Eat and then take your pup for a walk on the pacific beach boardwalk. 

Other Great Options nearby 

The Presley

Liberty Station



Friday, July 16, 2021

Dr. Jart Cicapair Review Summer Foundation Replacement

This little jar of green cream Is my new summer favorite for a light dose of makeup. The Dr. Jart Cicapair Cream is a green color corrector that changes to your skin tone and brightens all at the same time. Apply a cream bronzer and blush along with some spf lipstick and call it a day. Neutralizes redness and gives your skin a beautiful glow and light bb cream coverage. Below I’m wearing the Cicapair cream, concealer under my eyes: Nude Stix bronzer, pixie cream blush.

Sephora Info 

“What it is: A green-to-beige color-correcting treatment that corrects redness and protects skin from UV damage and environmental aggressors

What Else You Need to Know: This all-in-one treatment includes a color-changing capsule to cover blemishes and neutralize redness, restoring fatigued skin for a vibrant appearance. The formula features Tiger Grass (Centella Asiatica) to help heal sensitive skin exhibiting inflammation, irritation or discomfort.

The Cicapair™ Collection is inspired by the true legend of Asian tigers, rolling in centella asiatica to heal their battle wounds. Also known as tiger grass, its medicinal use has been recognized for centuries. For generations, this active ingredient has also been recognized as a recovery system to help support wounded skin exhibiting inflammation, redness, or blemishes.

This product is free from 10 harmful ingredients such as artificial fragrance or color, denatured alcohol, triethanolamine, sulfate-based surfactants, triclosan, mineral oil, propylene glycol, and DEA that causes skin irritation.”

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Skincare Favorite For the Month Of June Lactic Acid Good Genes

Good Genes 

My obsesseion with skincare and makeup started at a young age, but college is when my skincare obsession took a turn. I started trying anything and everything some good some bad buttttttt i finally feel that after all of these years I finally have a grasp on what I what works, what doesn't work and why. 

Good Genes is a Life Savor. I try and get a facial/hydra facial once a month, but they aren't cheap. I’m always running around so it doesn't always fit in my schedule. Here comes my favorite little mini facial in a bottle. Good Genes helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. I am 30, yes that hurts to say... but my skin doesn't look it at all. I have lines on my forehead that I will most likely get botox for. This product helps chemically exfoliate my skin and leaves it feeling smooth as ever. 

When using the product I uses the smallest amount of product and a bottle lasts for at least 6 months. This little gem helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and this mixed with a hydrafacial keeps me from the needles a little longer. Below are some Sephora facts on the product. Enjoy and let me know if you've used it. 

Sephora info:

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily 

Skincare Concerns: Dark Spots, Fine Lines and Wrinkles, and Pores

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Purified Lactic Acid: Hydrates and exfoliates the surface layers of skin, smoothing its texture, improving the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and visibly clarifying blemishes.
- Licorice and Lemongrass: Brighten the appearance of dark spots and skin discoloration.
- Prickly Pear Extract: Soothes the appearance of surface redness and sensitive skin.

Ingredient Callouts: Free of parabens, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, sulfates SLS & SLES, triclocarban, triclosan, and contains less than one percent synthetic fragrance. It is also vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and comes in recyclable packaging.

What Else You Need to Know: Formulated with hydrating, purified-grade lactic acid, this serum exfoliates the dull surface of the skin for a radiant, clearer-, younger-looking complexion. The formula is enhanced with licorice extract to brighten the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Great for all skin types—from acne and blemish prone to dry and sensitive—this visibly brightening formula targets visible signs of aging and keeps skin looking clear and glowing.

What is lactic acid?
Lactic acid is a hydrating alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) commonly derived from milk, but there are alternative vegan sources, like fermented corn starch, beets, and other sugar-rich foods. Synthetic forms of this ingredient are often found in peels and serums. 

What does lactic acid do for skin?
Lactic acid brightens, smooths, and evens skin, while also making it look firmer. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. 

How does it work exactly?
It exfoliates by loosening the bonds between dead skin cells to reveal a more radiant complexion. 

How do I use it?
It’s generally recommended for nighttime use, and suggested frequency varies from product to product. Check the packaging for specific instructions. 

Are there any potential side effects?
You may experience slight tingling, stinging, and/or redness. (Don’t worry—this is normal.) 

What can I pair it with?
While it can be used with many other ingredients and products, sunscreen’s an essential when lactic acid is a part of your routine. Another important step: cleansing the morning after you use lactic acid to sweep away dead skin cells. 

Anything I shouldn’t pair it with?
Don’t use it on days you use retinol since both are potent ingredients. Alternate between the two to avoid irritation.

Monday, May 17, 2021

10 Things To Do In Key West From My Trip 2021

Kandi and I had such a good time in Key West. We must go back. It was gorgeous. In this post I am going to list 10 things we did to give you a taste of the island and things you can do when you're there.

1. Sunset at Mallory Square. 

Restaurants and hotels line the water, along with street vendors and performers. Its normally full of life but since covid has become a little more calm. As the world opens up I expect the performers to return, but until then enjoy a dinner by the water or some drinks and the sunset. In Key West its legal to drink and walk around and they have little out door bars along the square. 

2/3 Sloppy Joes. 

This bar was a favorite bar of the Author Ernest Hemingway.  I also toured his home and it was a cute little piece of history. They had cats all over the property along with kittens... So freaking cute I wanted to take them home. 

Ernest Hemming has a Home on the Island that has been preserved since his passing. He wrote novels. like The Old Man and The Sea and The Sun Also Rises. The house also takes care of the cats that occupy the home including a kitten area. It was the cutest little piece of history and I would live there today... with a few updates of course ;). 

4. Smathers Beach.

Smathers has easy parking and is so peaceful and quiet. If it wasn’t so windy when we went I could have spent the day there. Pack a lunch or snack for easy eating, they also have a vendor on the beach where you can rent water toys and food. 

5. Fort Zachary State Beach

this beach requires a small fee, but has another great beach. If you enjoy a bbq at the beach this is the spot for you. Bring your lunch for the day and snorkle around the beach. Perfect spot for photos or a hike through nature. you can walk the grounds at fort zachary and the views and sunset are gorgeous. 

6. Key West Light House. 
This view is from the Key West Lighthouse. There is a small $10 fee to tour the light house and grounds. The view is freaking amazing , this photo doesn’t do the 360 view justice. You can walk the whole 360 at the top and see just how gorgeous key west is from a birds eye view. 

7. La Tratorria 
The food here was out of this freakin world. My favorite part of travel is the new places I get to see and where I get to eat. We had the best Italian food our last night in Key Wesg at La Tratorria. I had the bolognese and Kandi had a cheese pizza. Both were amazing. 

8. Duval Street
Duval Street Is the main attraction in Key West. It holds a majority of their bars and restaurants along with touristy shops. We spent most of our time walking up and down duval eating, drinking, and people watching... along with getting stopped by strangers and ending up out with new friends till 3 am lol. We Clearly had a great time. 

9. Butterfly Sanctuary 
If you enjoy being one with nature the butterfly sanctuary is your spot. As soon as you enter you hear the sounds of flamingos and other tropical birds echoing through the exhibit. The Butterflies are beautful and everywhere. The other wildlife adds to the ambiance and it's just a very peaceful experience. Also very fun with children. 

10. Rum Distillary
Key West First Legal Rum Distillary is the one that we went to. Unfortunately when we were there we couldn't tour the facility, but we were able to try some rum ;). I love rum always have so if you enjoy it i would definately stop by at least one of them. There are a few on the Island



Thursday, March 4, 2021

Shein Outfits I need For Spring


It's been so freakin cold, but i am dreaming of Spring/Summer in San Diego. Outfits I need are below. Which one would you get? I want them all. Perfect for Spring and Summer.