10 Things To Do In Key West From My Trip 2021

Kandi and I had such a good time in Key West. We must go back. It was gorgeous. In this post I am going to list 10 things we did to give you a taste of the island and things you can do when you're there.

1. Sunset at Mallory Square. 

Restaurants and hotels line the water, along with street vendors and performers. Its normally full of life but since covid has become a little more calm. As the world opens up I expect the performers to return, but until then enjoy a dinner by the water or some drinks and the sunset. In Key West its legal to drink and walk around and they have little out door bars along the square. 

2/3 Sloppy Joes. 

This bar was a favorite bar of the Author Ernest Hemingway.  I also toured his home and it was a cute little piece of history. They had cats all over the property along with kittens... So freaking cute I wanted to take them home. 

Ernest Hemming has a Home on the Island that has been preserved since his passing. He wrote novels. like The Old Man and The Sea and The Sun Also Rises. The house also takes care of the cats that occupy the home including a kitten area. It was the cutest little piece of history and I would live there today... with a few updates of course ;). 

4. Smathers Beach.

Smathers has easy parking and is so peaceful and quiet. If it wasn’t so windy when we went I could have spent the day there. Pack a lunch or snack for easy eating, they also have a vendor on the beach where you can rent water toys and food. 

5. Fort Zachary State Beach

this beach requires a small fee, but has another great beach. If you enjoy a bbq at the beach this is the spot for you. Bring your lunch for the day and snorkle around the beach. Perfect spot for photos or a hike through nature. you can walk the grounds at fort zachary and the views and sunset are gorgeous. 

6. Key West Light House. 
This view is from the Key West Lighthouse. There is a small $10 fee to tour the light house and grounds. The view is freaking amazing , this photo doesn’t do the 360 view justice. You can walk the whole 360 at the top and see just how gorgeous key west is from a birds eye view. 

7. La Tratorria 
The food here was out of this freakin world. My favorite part of travel is the new places I get to see and where I get to eat. We had the best Italian food our last night in Key Wesg at La Tratorria. I had the bolognese and Kandi had a cheese pizza. Both were amazing. 

8. Duval Street
Duval Street Is the main attraction in Key West. It holds a majority of their bars and restaurants along with touristy shops. We spent most of our time walking up and down duval eating, drinking, and people watching... along with getting stopped by strangers and ending up out with new friends till 3 am lol. We Clearly had a great time. 

9. Butterfly Sanctuary 
If you enjoy being one with nature the butterfly sanctuary is your spot. As soon as you enter you hear the sounds of flamingos and other tropical birds echoing through the exhibit. The Butterflies are beautful and everywhere. The other wildlife adds to the ambiance and it's just a very peaceful experience. Also very fun with children. 

10. Rum Distillary
Key West First Legal Rum Distillary is the one that we went to. Unfortunately when we were there we couldn't tour the facility, but we were able to try some rum ;). I love rum always have so if you enjoy it i would definately stop by at least one of them. There are a few on the Island



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