Dinner at Herb & Wood in San Diego

Happy Friday! Per the usual find me on ig @carleybe and Tiktok @carleybe and now what you’re really here for. 

One of my Favorite Restaurants in San Diego is Herb & Wood. If you’re looking for a luxurious meal this is the spot. The food is decadent but light. I am delightfully full when leaving and the left overs are amazing. 

We opted for the lobster and tuna. The lobster comes in an amazing sauce and so does the tuna. I could literally lick the plate it’s that good. Owner Brian Malarkey has put together an amazing menu. If you notice the name you’re probably a fan of Top Chef like myself Or you’ve been to one of his many restaurants here in San Diego. His second child Animae is also amazing… that review is coming. I’ve been twice and it’s heavenly. 

Photo via Urban Wood

For appetizers we had Bone Marrow, Hot Oysters, and Shrimp Toast. I love oysters but I never knew I could love a hot oyster just as much as a cold one. Covered in butter they melt in your mouth and so does the bone marrow. It’s the most decadent thing I’ve ever eaten and it’s all I want to eat. I love sea food growing up in San Diego and this does not disappoint. 

Photo Via Urban Wood 

The dessert is just as amazing and I ate most of it. If you’re looking to celebrate any special occasion, or are just looking for an amazing meal you need to check out Herb & Wood.