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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Summer Beach Looks

Find me on instagram @carleybe  I am back in california and loving all the summer looks. The beach is my second home so you can catch me in these styles all summer. Items linked below :). 




Urban- White Top 1

Revolve -White Top 2 as pictured

90s Fashion is Back For Summer 2020 ( Pieces under $25)

Find me on instagram @carleybe  With quarantine about to get a little bit of a lift, I am so ready for summer. I am seeing so many fun pieces so I thought I would share some styles and things I am loving. I am obsessed with an oversized tee and shorts. Wrap tops are back again and giving me all the 90s vibes.... I'm here for it. Items linked below :). 


Forever-Easy Tee

Target Shorts-Light Wash

Target-Wicker Bag

Forever 21-Flats

Forever 21-Wrap Top

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Summer Dresses

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Love a fun summer dress with boots and sunnies. need to grab a few of these from forever they have so many great little dresses. Normally not a fan of boots and dresses but transiontioning from spring to summer I love to where them. 

Forever 21-Dress

Summer Fashion 2020

Find me on instagram @carleybe Living for neutrals at the moment. Totally inspired by Desi and Katys Style from instagram,which is why, i love it so much. The blazer makes it more of a date night classy outfit and the tank and shorts are perfect with the beach bag and hat for a summer night out. Items linked below

Forever 21-Shorts
Forever21-Black Tank Top
Nordtroms-Black Hat
Urban Outfitters-Belt
Thursday, February 27, 2020

Souk Skincare. The All Natural Line My Face Is Loving

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    Souk asked me to take a look at their products and sent over their SeaWeed Face Wash, Vitamin C Serum, and the Rose Hydrating Gel. Below are some photos along with a review of the claims the website makes vs how I liked the products. 
    Website info for VItamin-C Brightening Serum 
    Restores complexion to appear more vibrant and firm.
    - Prevents breakouts and blemishes.
    - Boosts collagen production, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and pores.
    - Reduces puffiness, bags, and dark circles.
    - Hydrates and plumps skin.
    - Corrects hyper-pigmentation.

    Vitamin C Review: This is another great Vitamin C. I love a Vitamin C that doesn't irritate my skin and I found another one! These I have such a hard time finding so I am pretty pleased that they sent this over. It has reduced my find lines on my forehead slightly and around my mouth. Doesn't burn or irritate my skin and leaves a beautiful glow. I get asked a lot about my skincare and Vitamin C has changed it drastically. Do yourself a favor and grab one. 

    Rosewater Hydrating Cream

    • - Reduces the appearance of redness in skin.
      - Provides deep hydration and prevents blemishes.
      - Soothes & brightens skin, reducing the appearance of dark spots. 
      • Review: This with the Vitamin C Serum Is amazing and gives an amazing glow. My skin looks plump and my makeup goes on beautifully over this. 

        Seaweed Facewash 
        • - Nourishes and hydrates skin.
          - Gently detoxifies pores.
          - Packed with skin enhancing nutrients.
          - Prevents blemishes and breakouts.
          Clean but not squaky. I like that this doesn't leave my face tight, but cleanses my skin thouroughly. It also has the sleekest packaging. I am obsessed. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Wavy Hair For The Win

This Wavy hair craze is out of control and I’m freakin here for it. So I have never ever been into hair. I barely brush it TBH... I know crazy lol so recently the beach waver wand and my bed head Waver have been the easiest things to use and I am 100% hair incompetent. Here’s some photos below and click here for the hair tutorial and here for the waver

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Saturday, February 1, 2020

CBD Bath Salts For SelfCare Sunday or Valentines Day

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This week for Sundays blog post I wanted to talk about some amazing CBD Skincare products I have been using and LOVING. I struggle with back and shoulder pain from a long life of playing sports and working out so i am always so along with some other permanent injuries, tore a muscle in my left leg playing college soccer. Fun times. So I normally have some pain while working out or after depending on the excersises. Anxiety is also something that I have struggled with forever so relaxing isn't something that comes easily. I have been using cbd a little bit already in lotions for mt back so   when &Sunny reached out I was happy to try their CBD bath salts.

How did they do?
    Better then eva. Seriously. I felt so relaxed after and my body felt like I had a massage I was that dreamy after. Slept like little bb. I was sent these, but I would 100% buy these again. I am already looking at purchasing more I am almost out :). Check out some cbd options by clicking here all thoughts are my own and I was not paid for this review :).