Planty Christmas Gifts 2023

Plants took over during Covid and I never looked back. If you know someone who loves or is slightly obsessed with plants, you came to the right place. Below are hand picked items that anyone who loves plants would want for Christmas. 

Hanging planters are beautiful to display plants and these ones are chic af. 

These are so cute and perfect for winter as house shoes

Red anthuriums do best in indirect light and damp soil. Very easy plant to take care of. 

Iridescent Mushroom Watering Stake and I sell these in my TikTok store shop. 

Find these in my shop. 

Spotted Begonia 5 in pot. Easy to care for plant and loves indirect light near a window: 

Aesthetic Home Decor via Wayfair 

These mushroom lamps are adorable and under $20. Great for any room that needs a little extra light. 

Sweater season is here and this will keep your plant lover cozy as they take care of their plants. 

Cozy season is here and these slippers  are the cutest. Great for after Christmas too since they aren’t holiday themed. 

Everyone needs a plant stand. Plants need to be elevated in order to allow airflow around the bottom of the plant. This is a great way to do that. 

This is another plant stand option. This has more height and allows for more plants. 

These planters are great statement pieces for any home or apartment. 

More hanging planters because we love them. Hang them easily with a drill and hook. I found mine on Amazon.