Philodendrons. Easy plants for a new plant owner!

Hello my loves! If you follow me on Instagram or Tiktok you know that I have a new found love for plants. If not welcome back to the show lol. This year I discovered I not only love plants, but I love cultivating them. So on top of blogging about my favorite products, fashion, and life… we now have a plant section. I also have an Etsy shop where I am selling my plants online! So excited. I will also be taking a pause on orders next week. I will be out of town for a few weeks for the holidays visiting my boyfriend’s family. 

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Best plants for beginners.  Philodendrons are some of my favorite plants and are very similar to a pothos. They only need to be watered once they are dry about halfway down their pot, and they handle neglect decently too. Here are two very beautiful plants that are perfect for a beginner and are a little more rare than a pothos plant. 

Brazil Philodendron: Philodendrons are so similar to pothos but are not normally a new plant owners first choice. They have beautiful coloring and love indirect light. Grows like a weed and is very easy to propagate. Makes a great gift for planty friends. Caring for a philodendron is so easy which is why these make great first plants. 

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Philodendron Micans: 

Another beautiful first plant and very easy to care.Both of these philodendrons like a well draining soil. They do well in indirect sunlight and are just so pretty. These are a green purpley red color with a velvet finish on their leaves.  They have this almost purpley gold glisten in the light. Stunninggggg. People will be impressed with this baby. 

What was your first plant?