Updating My Apartment with Desenio Posters and Prints

Hello My Loves! As always find me on instagram- @Carleybe and TikTok and I hope you love the post below! 

After moving into my apartment in February, we have slowly been adding some final touches and Desenio was nice enough to help up with that. They sent over 3 different posters and frames and I love each of them. They work with the aesthetic of my home and could easily go in any room in my apartment. I’m obsessed with line art prints which is why I picked the smaller two pieces.

My aesthetic is modern Bohemain. We have a blue couch and these adorable wooden coffee tables that are a Bohemian dream. My favorite piece of the 3 is the largest piece

Again modern piece but the line art and colors make it a little more boho. Fits this area of the house perfectly. Cannot say enough good things about these prints. Add a splash of art to your home with Desenio wall art.

If you order would love to know what you purchased. Always looking to add more pieces :).