2020 Life Update and Vlog/Blog Plans

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Honestly part of why this post came second is because I wasn’t sure where to start I started my blog after graduating college, And since then I have worked and worked and worked on instagram and blog growth. But in reality what I was missing was creating. The past 3 years have been dedicated to creating content and last year my commitment was to again add the growth of my platform.

3 years ago I moved from California to Arizona for work. I    committed that moment to my Instagram and blog, and never looked back. Fast forward to 2019 resolution last year and I told myself by the end of the year I wanted to be out of my job that was killing me... literally. I lost 30 pounds in a year, because of the stress and anxiety along with my hair. It was a rough freaking year, but I committed to myself and my business and told myself I was done. My boss literally messaged me one day going off about some nonesense that wasn’t even relevant to my work... and I quit on the spot in his office. 

Since committing to myself and my business I have doubled my monthly income and may possibly be on my way to increasing that already. I’m not writing this to gloat. But what I’m trying to say is that the commitment you give to whatever you’re doing is what is going to bring you success. If you love what you do then commit to it. If you don’t find something that you can monetize and find your way out. 

Now when I Quit... lemme tell you... I wasn’t doubling my money, I have student debt, and I still had bills to pay. So no way was this transition swift and easy but in less then 4 months I was able to increase my clicks, and conversions just by working with social media and understanding how my audience works. I was making money on my platforms and I didn’t need my full time job. I also started picking up part time hours at a marketing company to supplement the income I was missing, but am about to cut that as well probably after this month just because I have so much to do for my platform and I need the time to create... which was my 2020 resolution. All comes full circle right? 

This year I want to dedicate my year to content creation, travel, and working with other creatives. La and europe are in the mix now where else should I try and go this year? Looking for fun destinations here in the states or elsewhere. 


  1. GO Carley!! Way to put yourself first and still do what needs to be done! Looking forward to all the future content!! ��