Summer/ Fall Outfit Trends 2023

Currently in search of  new fall jackets. Loving this one and probably leaning towards this green color. It comes in a few other  colors as well. 

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Loving cardigans this fall and perfect for end of summer outfits. 

This sweater is adorable and the embroidery is perfect. 

It’s started cooling off at night but still nothing crazy yet. We are currently in a heat wave in California with it being in 90s this week. This dress below is perfect for a summer night or fall day. So cute 

This midi dress is perfect for a night out. 

This maxi dress is a perfect transition from summer to fall. Warm summer nights out. 

This crew neck is great for a beach night or any fall activity. 

Reebok did a collab recently and I’m loving the collection. This crop top is too cute to pass up and great for brunch or a beach day. 

And I also love their maroon archives version. 

Maroon is one of my favorite color and this dress looks so comfortable. Summer/ Fall needs. 

Cargo pants are back and these are great for any fall activity, brunch, dinner… 

I love denim tops. This one is perfect over shorts or leggings. Could also be worn as a dress with boots. 

Love a good sneaker and these are everywhere right now.