25 Ways to Bring the Outdoors In with Plants

Looking to add some life to your home decor? Plants are a great way to do just that! They can add color, texture, and freshness to any space. Plus, they have been shown to improve air quality and reduce stress levels. Here are plant related decor items and find my plants here at Carleysplants.com I sell everything from neon pothos to begonias.

Disco Ball Planter

Make any room shine with this planter. Looks beautiful in or near a window. 

These hanging pink pots look great in any space, and I just ordered a set. As soon as I use them I will update the photo. They are 6 in width wise and come with hanging wire. 

can be used in any area of the home. 

 Plant ladle 

Such a cute gift for a plant lover  and so useful. found here: Monstera ladle

Macrame Plant Holder 

Macrame wall decor is a beautiful way to add wall decor and a place for your plants. Find this on here macrame wall decor 

And here’s another hanging option. This one is metal and holds a 5 inch pot. 

Indoor plant stands. Plants do not like to be on the ground and this is a great way to keep your plants healthy and happy. 

If you are new to gardening or need some garden tools, this set comes with a bag as well that holds all of your garden tools. 

Air plants wall decor. These stick directly to the wall with a command strip and your air plants sit beautifully. Air plants are a great first starter plant. They just need to be soaked in water once a week. 

Plants love full air circulation. Keeping them up and off the floor is key for plant health. This is a beautiful planter that everyone will love. 

These are great for storage, but also great for hiding pots. $23 and I love the neutral tones.  

One of my favorite vases and extremely affordable coming in under $20. This is in my dining room area. It looks so good in just about every setting. 

I also love clear vases to watch your plants grow and know when it’s time to clean out the water. And here’s a link for the console table. A large glass table vase could hold anything from tree props, syngonium, pothos. Fill these with your propagations. 

This is also a beautiful vase option for showcasing flowers or larger propagations. 

Entry way tables are great for small and larger spaces. This one here would look beautiful with larger vase propagations.

Here’s another entry way table option. This is for a larger entryway and I love how much storage it adds.  

Plant art can brighten up any wall space with the right piece. Find this one here. 

I’m also loving this piece of art work. 

This planter is perfect for larger plants, and allows the plant to have full air circulation. I love a plant set up like this and have a few around my apartment. 

A little more appealing on the eye. 

This would be a great coffee table . Add a few plants or propagations tanks. 

I also need this throw pillow. 

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