Javier’s in La Jolla

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Stopped by Javier’s last night after trouble shooting some issues at the apple store. Javier’s is located in UTC and is a beautiful location. The ambience is amazing, the lighting is perfect, and the over all aesthetic is perfect for the beachy area it’s located in. 


We ordered the queso fundido and empanadas to start. Fundido is a type of queso that is thicker and more stringy then a regular queso. It’s amazing but if you are looking for liquid gold this is not for you. I’ve always loved it but it’s not for everyone. 

These shrimp empanadas are insaaaaannnneeeee. They are filled with shrimp and a cilantro jalapeño sauce. It’s 3 bites of delicious goodness and it is filling. Plate comes with 3. We just couldn’t wait to eat it before I grabbed a photo. 

I ordered beef enchiladas and tacos. Great flavors and was over all so happy with this meal. Will be going back. Have you been? Let me know would love to hear about your experience. 
Xoxo- Carley