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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Spring Outfit Ideas 1/21/21 Urban Outfitters, Forever21, Target, Ross, Nike


Spring is almost here and in San Diego it seems to be having some adjustments issues, but we’re getting there 🙃. 

These oversized tees from Urban are my fave and I need them in more colors. They are so in and so easy to pair with just about anything. I’ve never bought a Shacket before and was not disappointed. Love this one... probably should have gotten one in a more neutral color, but I still wear it regularly and layers with other long sleeves and tanks. In San Diego the weather has been all over the place. Freezing one day got the next so I love to throw the Shacket in my car just in case I need to layer it over something at night if I’m out and about.... which is minimal at best because of lock down. 

Is anyone else struggling with what to wear or buy because of quarantine? Everytime I see something I’m like ok what realistically am I wearing this too because there’s not a lot goin on. So I’ve basically been buying crop tops and oversized tees because they can be dressed up or down. I don’t remember the last time I put on a dress 👀.  Let me know what you like or what you didn’t in the comments. New outfits and posts are cominggggggg. I finally feel ready to create again so I’m excited to get back to work. If there’s something you wanna see on my blog let me know but travel diaries and daily OOTD’s are coming 💁🏼‍♀️❣️ Outfit is linked below. 


Urban Outfitters - Oversized Tee 

Target- Bike Shorts

Forever 21- Shacket 

Nikes-Nike Court Casuals... similar to Air Force and under $70 

Ross- Bag... found something similar. It’s no longer available at Ross 😭