Sunday Brunch and Haircare I'm Loving

Haircare and Sunday Brunch In Scottsdale 
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Met up with Tiffany and Meghan this weekend again for another brunch in Scottsdale. After 3 years of living here I am finally explroring the area and it's been fun. So first we went to one spot. realized it was family style (i dont like it and both Tiff and Meg have Diatary restrictions). So we bounced real quick and walked our way down to Olive and Ivy. We had brunch in this beautiful little sunroom that I wish I had in my apartment.... A girl can dream right.  My dress is so perfect for valentines day and I can't wait to show you the photos. Dress is under $25. Linked here: from Forever 21 . Neckalce is from Kendra Scott. Also perfect for Valentines Day and linked here: Kendra Scott Necklace . Cute, dainty, and everything you think of when you think glam for Valentines Day.   I also have been using the crap out of my Beach Waver curling wand. I will either being using this or a crimper on Valentines Day. 

After Talking about my unruly hair so much on instagram, Beach Waver decided to help a girl out and sent her this lovely curling wand to try. Find it here at This is a 1.25 inch barral and I love it. It creates a loose wave that is so pretty in photos. I also love the Living Proof Flex Hair Spray which I use to create a nice curl. To create my curls I section 1 in pieces and curl away from my face. I then run my fingers through my curls. My hair has a little bit of a wave which you can see in the photos below. But when I am looking for a more structured look I like to use this and do a loose curl. 



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