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Thursday, August 29, 2019

CVS Beauty Collab/Makeup Review

If you follow me on Instagram you know that my foundation is always a struggle, but the one foundation I am obsessed with is the Physicians Formula Foundation at CVS. I am blessed beyond belief to partner with a store that I have spent a lot of time combing their beauty section. 

I remember when I was little my grandmother would get her prescriptions and I would wait in the beauty area looking at everything. My grandmother loved me to death so as you can imagine she also spoiled me... Not to say she had a lot to work with, but she always let me get something. My love of makeup started at a very young age and as you can imagine at the drugstore.

CVS has been one of my favorites due to their cash back and beauty programs. I have one right down the street from me and I am always popping in for a last minute makeup item I ran out of. They also have great deals on lashes so I like to go in every once in awhile and see what deals they are running.I also am apart of their affiliate program and I am so excited that they believed in me enough to offer me this opportunity to work and partner with them. I do not care if you use my links or not. Thank you for all of your suupport you guys are the best!   

Join the CVS beauty club for free by texting BEAUTY to 397473 for a barcode to scan at your next CVS visit.

Below are a few looks using products from CVS and a flat lay of some new items I recently picked up. These Milani Eyeshadows are some of the creamiest drugstore shadows I have ever used and the palette is around $20. This was a sponsored post, but if you follow me on Instagram or my blog, we know how much I use drugstore beauty.

Physcians Formula Foundation
Loreal Tropical Coral Lipstick

Physcians Formula Foundation
Wet N Wild Blush in Apricot 

Physcians Formula Foundation

Physcians Formula Foundation

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