Love List

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Target Summer Fashion Sale and Try-On

I have bought so many fun things this summer from Target, and right now a lot of my favorites are on sale! Target has some of the cutest summer fashion and accessesories and I have purchased waaaayyyyy too many items. Below are some pieces I have purchased and a Target Try On from this past week. I think the sale is only online, because I was in stores and did't see any of these sales. All looks are linked along with some options/alternatives. I also finally purchased a pair of espadrilles and I am in heaven! This past week has been rough I had a panic attack at work on Thursday so Friday I took the day off to reset. New posts coming next week so stay tuned. Everything is linked belopw happy shopping :).




Sunday, June 23, 2019

Bodysuit Of The Summer

Amazon and Target have been my vice all summer. This week has been awful for me personally so I am excited to bring some fun to you guys through these fashion posts. Bodysuit and hat are from amazon, Hat  and shoes are from target. Everything is linked so check it out! What are you loving from Amazon and Target this summer? Let me know in the comments :).

Thursday, June 13, 2019

New Tool In My Skincare Routine

If you've seen my instagram stories then you know I'm obsessed with skincare. Since moving to Arizona my skin has seen some dramatic changes in texture and I'm not just not here for it. Sooooooooo I have been doing anything and everything to help rejuvenate my skin and this tool has been amazing and I am hoping the results just get better the longer I use it. First off I am by NO MEANS A SKINCARE EXPERT. I am going to talk about my experience and everything I discuss you can find as well online. Just wanted that little disclaimer, because I am not an esthetician or dermatologist so I have no background in skincare. I just love using different products, and letting people know how they worked for me :).

Michael Todd Beauty was so freaking nice to send me this little gem call the Sonic ErasePro. If you have ever had a facial they first use steam to open your pores, and help products penetrate the skin. They also do different types of palpitations and massage on the face that helps promote collagen and elasticity in your skin. So this tool is basically an at home facial massage. It's a little strange at first, I'm not going to lie.... You apply product to the tool and then rub it on your face. The tool vibrates (palpitations like you would have with a facial), and it heats up (opening pores allowing products to penetrate the skin). I've used it for two weeks and I love it. I see a difference in my fine lines around my eyes, and I am so happy I cannot tell you. My skin is so luminous after and throughout the day. I am thrilled. My next stop is botox and filler so I am avoiding that as long as I possibly can :). 

I will try and do a post next month and see if I can show you a difference. I do not have a before photo. I forgot to take one. Buttttt I will let you know how it's going in a month :). I use it day and night. Below is a video on the product from Macys and can be purchased there or at Michael Todd Beauty. #gifted