Henne Organics... My new favorite lip balm.

I think I may have found my holy grail lip balm. Lip balms in general aren't always the best for your lips. Leaving you reapplying all day long. Henne products are organic and cruelty free, and leaves my lips feeling soft and supple all day. I can apply this in the morning and no need to reapply till mid afternoon if at allllll people this stuff is AMAZING! 

 My lips feel hydrated and smoothe and the effects are even better if I leave it on over night. They also sent me a tinted balm and it is so nice for every day.  It reminds me of a nude shade from MAC, but I can't think of the name i think honey somethingggggg. Not sure tho sorry :(.  They also sent me a lip mask and this sucker is amazing. If i leave this on over night my lips are hydrate so nicely when I get up. I have severely chapped, dry lips from living in the desert and these have helped so much. I will definately be repurchasing! 

check out their products here: https://henneorganics.com

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  1. I love the sound of this lip balm. I love the photograph even more.